Mobile Options

The prices listed below are if you book the option by itself, combo discounts available. If you book a mobile birthday party, the birthday child will receive a complimentary gift from Scheumann Farm. You may book by clicking the link in the top right of the page or by contacting us via phone, text, or email. Travel fees have been updated for 2021 and will be applied to events more than 50 miles from the farm. Travel fees are 50% off for events Mon - Fri. Starting in 2021, we will require 50% of your total fee to be paid 1 month before your event date, (exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.) 

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Petting Farm

The mobile petting farm includes a mini horse or mini donkey, calf, goats, sheep, (mini pigs or alpaca), bunny, and chicken. Your guests will have also have an opportunity to feed and brush our friendly animals!  The price is $250 for the first hour then $100 for each additional hour.

Setup type: Primary vs Secondary Trailer Selection

Scheumann Farm has 2 different trailers to bring the animals to the event. Both trailers have their own unique setup. The Client must notify Scheumann Farm at the time of booking their preferred setup type. If both options are still available the Client may choose which setup type they prefer. The Client understands that once signed, they are releasing the other option to be booked by another potential Client and that if they decide to switch setup type, the other option may no longer be available. If the Client does not choose a setup at the time of booking, either choice may be provided at Scheumann Farm's discretion.

Primary Setup

Our primary setup has pens on the inside of the trailer with an aisle way that leads from the ramp in the rear of the trailer to the front exit (steps) for guests to walk through. We have been able to get standard wheelchairs through this aisle. We may also provide a canopy off the passenger side of the trailer where we set up an additional animal pen, as well as the small animal pens if applicable (bunny/chicken). This trailer has an A/C unit, fans, and attachable heaters for animal comfort. We prefer an outlet within 100 feet from the trailer but can bring a generator if necessary.

Secondary Setup

For the Secondary setup, we set up all the pens on grass, outside of the trailer, and if conditions require we set up canopies over the pens and use fans for the animals. If fans are needed we will need access to an outlet within 100 feet. The truck and trailer must be within 20 feet of the setup location and the pen must be set up on grass, if this will not be possible Scheumann Farm must be notified before signing so that proper arrangements can be made (a fee will apply)

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Pony Rides

Would you love to have pony rides at your next party? We bring a pony to be used for hand led pony rides in your designated area. Since we do hand led pony rides we are pretty flexible on the space required for the rides! Also if you are having a unicorn party we can add a unicorn horn to the pony that you can keep as a keep sake at the end of the event! Pony rides are $250 for 1 hour then $50 each additional 30 mins.


Bounce House

This is a commercial grade 13' X 13' farm themed bounce house! It can accommodate 8 people or up to 800 pounds (whichever comes first).
The price for the bounce house is $200 for the day or if you book during an event with the petting farm or pony rides it is $100 for the length of the event.

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Inflatable Slide

We have an 18 foot tall inflatable slide that is perfect for your next party. The price is $400 by itself or $500 with the bounce house.

Roscoe The Camel

Roscoe is a perfect addition to your next event! He can come solo or as an addition to your petting farm. Roscoe is almost 7 foot tall to his hump but is one gentle giant. You may either use him as a display or your guests may pet, feed, and brush him. 

If you book the camel with the petting farm we would have to use our secondary setup as we have to bring a special trailer for the camel that is about 36 feet long and has an internal height of 8 feet. Roscoe does not offer camel rides. 

The rate for Roscoe starts at $500.

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Would you like several of our options for your event? Here are a few options for your event. 

Petting Farm + Pony Rides: 1 hour $450 2 hours $550

Petting Farm + Pony Rides + Bounce House: 1 hour $550 2 hours $650

Other combinations or lengths are available as well.


Nativity Scenes / winter events

From November - March when the weather gets cold you can still enjoy some of our events at your event! From a nativity scene to birthdays we can do it all. We have a few different options for this time of year to meet your needs. 

Animals available to choose from: mini horse / mini donkey, calf, goats, sheep, alpaca, chicken, and bunny. 

You may also choose to have an outside pen setup or do the event on our heated trailer. The price is $250 the first hour then $100 each additional hour. 

You can also book our camel to come to your event either by himself or as an addition to your nativity scene for an additional fee. 

Cancellation Policy

Normal Cancellation Policy: The Client may choose to cancel their event with a $50 cancellation fee up to 1 month before the event start date. If the client cancels between 1 month and 72 hours before the event, the client will be required to pay 50% of the entire contract fee. If the client cancels between 72 hours and 12 hours before the scheduled event start time, they will be charged 75% of the contracted fee. In the event the Client cancels with less than 12 hours notice before the scheduled start time of the event, 100% of the contracted fee will be charged.

 i. Exceptions for weather:
If the weather looks like it may hinder the event, the Client is responsible for contacting Scheumann Farm to discuss possible options.
In the event that weather causes a cancellation Between 24 hours - 48 hours before the scheduled event start time and the Client agrees
to reschedule the event (within 1 calendar month), no cancellation fee will be charged.
6 - 24 hours prior to the scheduled event start time, 50% of the total bill will be charged.
If the Client cancels the event due to weather with less than 6 hours notice up to 100% of the total bill will be charged. 

The Client gives Scheumann Farm permission to halt operations of Scheumann Farm’s services at their discretion due to weather or civil unrest. Scheumann Farm will resume operations at their discretion if time allows and it is safe for both guests and the animals.